Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Windows Mobile Internet Connection

You will find many resources in internet which lets you use connect your windows mobile phone to your laptop using bluetooth or USB and surf internet. For those who are still living under the rocks, i would mention the steps again.
1.In mobile->Enable bluetooth on your mobile such that your device becomes visible to other divices.
2.In mobile->Using ActiveSync connect to your laptop. Put key if asked for.
3.In mobile->Start Programs->Start Internet Sharing with Connection as Bluetooth.
3.From Desktop go to start-> Connect to->Set up connection or network->Connect to bluetooth personal area network->select your mobile device-> Click on connect.

You are ready to browse internet.To confirm you can now give ipconfig command on your command prompt.Your system has got a IP now. But this is not for which i am writing this entry.

This weekend i had a peculiar requirement. I needed high speed internet connection on my mobile device. Unfortunately i did not have any Wi-Fi support on my mobile. So i needed to connect my mobile to my laptop and use laptops internet connection. I searched the net to only find that every one had this query, but no solution.
So i decided to break the nut myself.

Here are the steps i consolidated.
1. In Laptop->Download any proxy server on your system. I had downloaded Winproxy free version.
2. In Laptop->Start the proxy server. Note the port.
3. In mobile->Start Settings-> Connections->Advance-> Select Network.
Set Both the connections as My Work Network.
4. In mobile->Start Settings-> Connections->Task->Setup Proxy Server-> Check Internet and Proxy Checkboxes->
Enter the IP of your desktop where you are running the proxy server.
Click Advance and ensure that the http and socks port is the one on which your proxy server is listening on.
5. In mobile->Active Sync->Connect using Bluetooth.
6. In mobile->Start Internet Explorer and browse.

This will allow you to use the reverse or opposite internet connection on your windows mobile using bluetooth. If you are already having a internet connection and geting additional connection using above method then you can restart laptop after disconnecting the existing connection.

With this entry i am having my first taste of blooging. Hope we have a good time in future..