Monday, September 28, 2009

Development of Rural India

Although india is a fast developing nation, but the benefits of development is not reaching in deeper part of india. Unemployment, lack of basic infrastructure like Roads, Irrigation, Electricity are major problems. if these problems are solved through some structural changes india can become super fast growing economy.

Road construction companies should keep doing surveys about where they can create new roads n where they can do repairs. Instead of government ordering them they should proactively do it. Same applies to Dams construction.. Development should be pull based rather than push based. Somewhere i feel that indian corporate is more trustworthy than the local political representative.

Government has to solve irrigation problem asap as farming is still not a profit making business for major section of farmers. There is huge risk in farming as much is dependent on rains. If government cannot gurantee irrigation then farming should be nationalised in such regions. Afterall government cant leave people to make irrational choices of doing farming n trapping themselves in losses and debts. Many times farmers take double risk of rains and cash crops which often proves fatal.

There are so many industrial estates which are under ot not utilised. Work should be outsourced to from urban areas to such remote locations and railway frieghts should be waived on such outsourcing.

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  1. Opposition party can play important role in erradicating frauds..