Saturday, April 25, 2009

Keep Updated to Google News through RSS

Are you in one of following situations.

1. You are staunch user of RSS Reader and less of Mail
2. You scroll through daily news paper and look only for specific subjects of new.
3. You are student and like to read more online and less from books.
4. You want to get news for all major news paper in your Reader for your topics.
5. Basically, You want Google News Alerts in Reader instead of Your Mail box.

Just now I noticed, RSS feed provided in Google News page. I dont know since when it is available, but i am quite sure its added there of late. I had a long list of subscription of Google News Alert around 2 years back. But ever since i shifted to Google Reader i have disabled all Google News Alerts.

RSS feed on Google News is rightly put there.. exactly as per my expectation and requirement..

1 comment:

  1. For quite some time now the rss link in google news page is missing. I dont know why google removed it.Is it recessionary pressure? or is it putting too much load on google servers due to unnecessary rss pooling on regular interval.

    If you still want the rss link there is a trick.

    Search google news the way you do normally and attach &output=rss at the end of the search link in output page.

    Copy the link in your rss reader..