Monday, April 20, 2009

Oracle Improves Productline

Oracle is now able to provide range of products and services to its clients like Storage, computers, operating system, database, middle ware and applications. This is because Oracle and Sun's product line compliment each other. However,clouds of uncertainty started hovering above overlapping areas like MySQL, Glassfish and Java. MySql however is not a straight competitor of Oracle database as user base is different.
This deal seems to be more beneficial form Oracle's point of view.It would be interesting to see how Java is able to grow under love and affection of this Step mother. With this deal, all Sun project seams to go on a slow track for some time as Oracle probably will be evaluating each of them and try to align them with their goals. IBM would surely be repenting on missing the deal with Sun.

Java Community favours the deal over IBM because Oracle would do more justice to take it ahead. IBM already have java based products but doesn't seam to be committed to high standards and reliability as is Oracle. Sun was more than generous at funding projects like JavaFx,Openoffice,NetBeans. This would change now I think!!

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